What is an Independent Marketing Organization (IMO)?

Discover how partnering with an Independent Marketing Organization (IMO) like Experior Financial can boost your insurance sales success.
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The insurance business is a complex and dynamic industry. As an independent insurance agent, it’s crucial to align yourself with top insurance companies and insurance marketing organizations to ensure you’re offering the best insurance products to your clients. 

Experior Financial Group: Empowering Independent Insurance Agents through Premier Training, Support, and Opportunities

Life insurance, in particular, is an essential product that every insurance agency should have in their portfolio. It provides much-needed financial security for families in the event of a loved one’s untimely passing. Working with a life insurance IMO (Independent Marketing Organization) can simplify the process of selling insurance for agents. They often provide access to a wide variety of life insurance products from various insurance providers, making it easier for agents to find the perfect fit for their clients’ needs. 

The Role of FMOs/IMOs 

Insurance FMO (Field Marketing Organization) is another great resource for independent insurance agents. They offer extensive support and resources to help agents grow their businesses. From training programs to marketing materials, these organizations play a pivotal role in the success of an insurance company. 

In the insurance sector, being independent doesn’t mean you’re alone. With the support of insurance FMO organizations and strong relationships with top insurance firms, independent agents can thrive and succeed in the competitive world of selling insurance. 

As an independent insurance marketing organization, we are the intermediary between the broker and the insurance carrier. All brokers must go through an IMO. We offer assistance with all types of products and sales training with our CEO and top leaders. In addition, we offer discounts on licensing courses, marketing and promotion support, and more to help you, as independent insurance professionals succeed along with your insurance agency. 

Whether you’re new to the insurance services or an experienced agent looking to expand your offerings, remember that your success hinges on the quality of the insurance services you offer, the strength of your relationships with insurance carriers, and your ability to effectively market and sell insurance. The right partnerships can make all the difference. 

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Experior Financial Group is a Life Insurance Agency IMO. We are different from other independent marketing organizations as we have built a unique tribrid model. Most IMO companies limit your options. But an insurance career with Experior means there is no limit to what you can achieve.

Insurance Marketing Organizations for Independent Agents 

An Independent Marketing Organization (IMO), often known as an insurance marketing organization in the USA, plays a critical role in the insurance area. These organizations help connect insurance companies and agents by giving them the help and tools they need. 

But what is an IMO in insurance, and how does it help independent agents? 

An IMO in insurance, is a company that works with independent agents to provide them with access to insurance coverage from various carriers. 

Top IMO Insurance Companies 

There are many top IMO insurance companies and national marketing organizations that independent agents can work with. The best IMO for independent agents will depend on their specific needs and the type of insurance they specialize in. For instance, if an agent specializes in life insurance, they might want to partner with a top life insurance IMO. 

As an independent marketing organization, an IMO operates autonomously from the insurance companies with which it partners.

One of the primary functions of insurance marketing agencies is to provide marketing support to independent agents. This usually includes having access to full marketing tools that are made to help agents reach their target groups more effectively. IMOs like Experior Financial Group, Inc. give agents the tools they need to win in a competitive market, from standard advertising methods to digital marketing campaigns. 

Life insurance marketing organizations focus specifically on life insurance products. They collaborate closely with insurance companies and agents, just like other IMOs, to guarantee that agents have access to the best life insurance options for their clients. Additionally, they assist with training and support, which enables agents to stay current with industry norms and trends. 

Field marketing organizations are a subset of IMOs. They offer similar services, but tend to focus more on a specific area. They may be able to give more personalized help to agents in their area because they know how the market works there. 

Most marketing organizations, including IMOs, want to help companies and their sales team work well together. They make it easier for agents and companies to talk to each other and get the tools they need to grow and succeed. 

IMOs are important for helping insurance professionals and providing a wide range of insurance goods, whether they are a large, national marketing organization or a smaller, field-based organization. Their independent marketing strategies and all-around marketing programs make them essential players in the insurance business. 

What Does Experior Financial Group Inc Have to Offer You?

  • Partnerships with many of the top insurance providers in America 
  • Top notch education and access to top leaders within the company.  They will support you in education and one on one training in the sales skill set of insurance products
  • Intuitive back office to make building your agency easier 
  • Achievable goals for advancement within the company
  • As an independent insurance agent with us you are not a captive agent but an independent insurance broker or producer 
  • As an agency builder you will find our compensation model to be as good as it gets 
  • As an agency builder you will love the opportunity Experior Financial provides to build your legacy agency
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Building Your Insurance Business with Experior Financial Group Inc.

Experior has a track record in Canada as being the fastest growing MGA (Managing General Agency) in the country. We are surpassing that level of growth in the USA! Experior has operated in Canada since 2014 and only recently opened up in the USA.

We offer opportunities for advancement, excellent compensation models, opportunities to earn shares in the company, and a Legacy program to ensure your family benefits from your agency even after you are gone. 

Working With an Insurance Marketing Organization: A Guide for Independent Agents

The insurance industry is a vast and complex field, with a multitude of roles and responsibilities. At the heart of this industry are insurance agents – both captive and independent agents. When it comes to independent professionals, they have the freedom to work with multiple insurance companies, offering a wide range of products to their clients. But, how do these independent agents manage to juggle multiple carriers and still offer top-notch service to their clients? The answer lies in partnering with an (IMO). 

The Benefits of Working with an IMO 

One of the key benefits of working with an IMO for independent professionals is access to a managing general agent. A managing general agent takes on the role of an overseer, providing guidance and support to the agents under their wing. They offer agents training, administrative assistance, and even help with marketing strategies. This can prove extremely helpful, especially for new agents who are just getting their feet wet in the industry. 

Downline agents, or agents who are part of an agent’s team, also stand to benefit from working with an IMO. The managing general agent can provide them with mentorship and guidance, helping them to grow their business and reach new heights. 

Another advantage of IMOs is that they provide agents with the opportunity to offer a wider range of services and products to their clients. Unlike captive agents who are tied to a single insurance company, independent agents have the freedom to choose from a variety of products offered by different insurance companies. This flexibility allows them to better serve their clients’ needs, providing them with the best possible coverage options. 

Working with an insurance organization can greatly enhance an independent agent’s business. It provides them with the support, resources, and network they need to succeed. Whether you are a new agent looking to break into the industry, or an experienced agent looking to expand your business, partnering with an IMO like Experior Financial Group, Inc. can be a game-changer. 

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Products Provided By Our Independent Insurance Agents And Our Insurance Carriers

Independent insurance brokers who work with us can assist clients with Life Insurance, Term Life, Permanent Life Insurance, Mortgage Protection, Disability Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance, Long Term Care Insurance, and Annuities. As well, our unique Expert Financial Needs Analysis can help clients more fully understand their financial situation.

A new insurance agent will find that with our trainings, they will make more sales, and help the vast majority of people they meet understand their finances more holistically.

Final Expense IMO 

Final expense IMOs specialize in final expense insurance, a type of life insurance designed to cover funeral costs and other end-of-life expenses. The top final expense IMOs offer a wide range of products from various carriers, making it easier for agents to find the right fit for their clients. 

Health Insurance IMO 

A health insurance IMO, on the other hand, focuses on health insurance products. They can provide agents with access to a variety of health insurance options from different carriers. 

The Main Advantages Of Experior Financial Group, Inc. Within The Competitive Insurance Industry

With Experior Financial Group, Inc, you receive excellent product training, contracts with multiple carriers, and amazing ongoing training with top leaders in the life insurance sector. We offer agents excellent compensation schedules where you benefit like a business owner. We set reasonable goals to meet, to achieve advancements, and you’ll receive sales support from our head office staff. You will have access to marketing materials to help you reach your business goals and much more! 

If you’d like to learn more about what Experior has to offer you please fill out the form and one of our insurance agents will reach out to you with more information.

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Choosing the Best IMO 

When choosing an IMO to work with, consider factors like the range of products they offer, the support they provide, and their reputation in the industry. Whether you’re looking for the largest insurance marketing organizations, the best IMO for life insurance, or the best final expense IMO, doing your research is key. 

IMOs play a vital role in supporting independent agents. They provide access to a wide range of insurance products and offer invaluable support, making it easier for agents to serve their clients effectively. 

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USA Overview | Experior Financial Group

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About IMO and Experior Financial Group

How long has Experior Financial Group Inc. been in business?

Experior opened in Canada in 2014 and has been hugely successful there. Experior moved south of the border in 2019 and is really just getting started, so this is a ground-floor opportunity with a company that has already seen great success with its model in Canada.

What states is Experior operating in?

Experior is available throughout all of the states in the USA!

What are the opportunities for advancement?

Here is a list of our levels of advancement. Financial Associate, Senior Financial Associate, Senior Manager, Executive Director, Senior Executive Director, National Executive Director.

How does someone earn shares in the company?

Insurance agents working toward earning shares need to reach the Executive Director level. Additional levels earn additional shares.

What is the Legacy program?

This certification guarantees that your agency will be purchased at an excellent rate and that your beneficiary will continue to receive commissions after you pass away or retire.

What is an insurance FMO?

Field Marketing Organizations are similar to an IMO except they sell health insurance products.

What is an Independent Marketing Organization (IMO)?

Experior Financial Group, as an IMO, provides comprehensive training, back-office support, and access to a wide range of financial products from leading providers. They help independent insurance agents grow their businesses effectively by offering custom tools to help them reach their business goals.

How does Experior Financial Group function as an IMO?

Experior Financial Group, as an IMO, provides comprehensive training, back-office support, and access to a wide range of financial products from leading providers. They help independent insurance agents grow their businesses effectively by offering custom tools to help them reach their business goals.

What are the benefits of partnering with an IMO like Experior Financial Group, Inc.

Partnering with an IMO like Experior offers multiple benefits including access to top-rated insurance providers, higher commission levels, business development training, and ongoing support. At Experior Financial Group, Inc we offer ownership in the company, and a Legacy program to ensure the business you build is passed down generation to generation.

Can new agents join Experior Financial Group, Inc?

Yes, Experior Financial Group, Inc. welcomes both experienced and new agents. They provide extensive training and mentorship to help new agents become successful. Apply now!

What type of training does Experior Financial Group, Inc. offer?

Experior Financial Group, Inc. offers comprehensive online u0026 in-person training covering product knowledge, sales techniques, and business management. The training is designed to equip agents with the skills they need to succeed in the financial services industry.

Does Experior Financial Group, Inc. offer opportunities for career advancement?

Yes, Experior Financial Group offers a clear path for career advancement. Agents have the opportunity to grow their business, expand their team, and even open their own branch office. There is no ceiling to the possibilities for growth and this is a great time to join us!

How can I join Experior Financial Group, Inc?

You can join Experior Financial Group by visiting our website and filling out the contact form. A representative will get in touch with you to discuss the next steps and answer any questions you may have. 


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