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Discover the Independent Insurance Network Opportunities that Experior Financial Group Offers to You and Your Clients

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Independent Insurance Network

Are you an independent insurance agent who finds the task of finding the perfect insurance company and products for your clients overwhelming? What if we shared a solution that could make your job easier? Allow us to introduce Experior Financial Group, Inc. – an independent insurance company specifically designed for independent insurance agents in the USA. Experior Financial Group, Inc. may help your business expand and also enhance your ability to provide exceptional services and the best on the insurance market access to carriers to your clients.

As a leading financial services company operating in the United States, we offer independent life insurance brokers and agents like you a unique opportunity and assistance to thrive in a dynamic industry. Discover how our Independent Marketing Organization (IMO) format and unparalleled support for new agents can take your career to new heights.

Our Insurance Services

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Wide Range of Insurance Products

Term life insurance, permanent life insurance, whole life insurance, long-term care insurance, critical illness insurance, disability insurance, and many more insurance options are available. You'll save time and effort by being able to find any insurance products you need for your clients in one place.

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Financial Education Resources

Financial literacy tools are made available to independent insurance agents via the Experior Financial website and back office. The contents include articles, videos, webinars, calculators, and much more. We hope you and your clients find these tools useful for learning more about the insurance and financial industries. The educational resources are frequently revised to reflect developments in the field.

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Access to Business-Building Workshops

The company also provides access to workshops and online courses to help independent insurance agents in building their business. The online workshops include sales training, market trends & competitors, and financial education webinars that every insurance agent can use to expand their knowledge. Experior Financial Group also provides incentive programs, contests, and other initiatives to motivate agents to meet and exceed prescribed objectives.

Whether you are just starting out or have been in the insurance industry for years, you can count on our network of independent insurance agents to provide helpful support and professional advice. Contact us today to get started! Call 1-888-909-0696

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Be Your Own Insurance Agency Boss

At Experior Financial Group, we believe in empowering our independent insurance agents to achieve extraordinary success. As part of our independent insurance agency network, you have the freedom to run your business, make your own decisions, and serve your clients' best interests without the constraints of a traditional insurance company. We provide you with the tools, direct access to carriers, resources, insurance products and services, and mentorship you need to elevate your career and reach your full potential remain independent.

As an independent insurance agency owner with Experior Financial Group, you'll have the freedom to make your own schedule, work from home, and have a flexible insurance business career.

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Why Choose Us

As an independent insurance agent, you'll get:

Welcome to Experior Financial Group, the leading insurance aggregator in the USA. We are a network of independent member agencies that offer a wide range of personal lines and commercial lines insurance products from top-rated carriers. Whether you are an existing independent insurance agency looking to grow your business, or a new independent agent looking to start your own agency, Experior Financial Group can help you achieve your goals. As a member of Experior Financial Group, you will enjoy:

  • Access to our insurance carriers and products
  • Support from a dedicated master agency that provides training, marketing, technology, and administrative services
  • Collaboration with other member agents and agencies across the country, sharing best practices and referrals
  • Independence and flexibility to run your own agency, while benefiting from the strength and stability of a national network

Experior Financial Group is not just an insurance aggregator, it is a community of professionals who are committed to excellence and customer satisfaction. Join us today and discover how Experior Financial Group can help you and your clients succeed. Contact us 1-888-909-0696 for more information or apply online.

Unmatched Support and Resources

When you join Experior Financial Group, Inc. as a new independent agent, you gain access to a comprehensive suite of support and resources that set us apart from other insurance network companies. Our IMO format allows you to leverage our extensive network of top insurance carriers, providing you with a wide range of competitive products to offer your clients.

Collaborative Community

At Experior Financial Group, Inc. we foster a collaborative community where independent insurance agents can connect, share insights, and learn from one another. Our team is composed of driven professionals who are passionate about helping others succeed. You'll have the opportunity to network with like-minded agencies of industry experts, participate in training seminars, and attend exclusive events that will fuel your professional growth and expand your knowledge base.

The Experior Advantage

What truly sets Experior Financial Group apart is our commitment to putting you first. We recognize that your success is our success, and we go above and beyond to ensure that you have the support you need to thrive in the insurance industry.

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Join the Experior Team

Ready to take your independent insurance career to the next level? Join the Experior Financial Group family today and experience the difference for yourself. With our IMO format, unmatched support, and collaborative network, you’ll have the foundation you need to build a thriving business and make a meaningful impact on the lives of your customers.

Contact us now to learn more about the exciting opportunities for growth and profitability available to independent insurance agents at Experior Financial Group, Inc. Take the first step towards a brighter future and unlock your true potential as a trusted insurance professional.

The Power of the IMO Format

The way Experior Financial Group works as an Independent Marketing Organization (IMO) makes us stand out. Independence is important to us, and we think it’s important for our clients to feel that way too. Through our IMO format, we’ve built a community where insurance agents can work together to grow their businesses and give our customers specific, neutral advice.

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Unleashing Your Potential

When you work with Experior Financial Group, you can pick what you want. There is no doubt that you can get the best insurance coverage on the market thanks to our large network of top carriers, investment firms, and retirement plan providers. Our financial partners and agents have the best practices knowledge, tools, and support to help you through the complicated process of financial planning. This way, you can make decisions that are in line with your specific goals.

Comprehensive Support at Your Fingertips

When you partner with Experior Financial Group, you gain more than just a financial and insurance services provider – you become part of a supportive community of independent agencies. Our commitment to your success goes beyond offering exceptional products and services. We provide comprehensive training programs, marketing resources, compliance support, and cutting-edge technology tools, empowering you to thrive in the ever-evolving financial landscape.

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Take the First Step

Ready to take control of your financial future? Join the thousands of individuals and families who have already experienced the Experior Financial Group difference. Connect with one of our knowledgeable financial associates today and embark on a transformative journey towards to a new business and financial independence.

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The Benefits of Choosing an Independent Insurance Agencies

One valuable tip to consider when exploring the benefits of choosing an independent insurance agent is to prioritize personalized service. Independent agents are dedicated to understanding your unique needs and preferences to provide tailored insurance solutions. By working closely with an independent agent, you can expect a high level of attentiveness and responsiveness throughout the entire insurance claims process. Their expertise and ability to navigate not one company but multiple insurance companies give you access to a wide range of options, ensuring that you receive the most suitable coverage at competitive prices.

How to Find the Right Independent Insurance Agents Near Me?

When it comes to finding the right insurance agent for your needs, consider the following steps to ensure a successful search before buying insurance:
By following these steps, you can increase your chances of finding the right insurance agent who will provide personalized service and meet your unique insurance requirements.


Experior Financial Group, Inc.
An Independent Marketing Organization

Jamie and Lee Ann Prickett

Experior Financial Group, Inc. was founded in Canada in 2014 by Jamie & Lee-Ann Prickett and expanded into the USA in 2019 with a head office in Cheektowaga NY. Experior now serves over 3000 licensed independent insurance agents in both Canada and the USA. Independent agents and insurance brokers choose Experior for our commitment to training, access to top leaders, our core values and our dedication to innovative technology for independent agency system to enhance the back office experience for our agents. Agents also get access to a proprietary CRM included in the low monthly fee and there is no cost to register with us.

As an independent agent with Experior, you gain access to a vast network of esteemed insurance companies. We continuously forge new partnerships, expanding our offerings to ensure you have a comprehensive suite of products and insurance policies at your disposal, empowering you to meet the unique needs of your customers. At Experior, we firmly believe in the power of independence and agency ownership. From day one, you are liberated from the constraints of being captive agents, allowing you to own your book of business and chart your own path to success.

Part time or full time Experior offers something for everyone. We help you get the right coverage for your personal insurance with quotes from any of our amazing insurance partners. Whether you’re seeking part-time or full-time opportunities, Experior has something to offer everyone. We provide the necessary tools and support to help you secure the right coverage for your consumers, offering insurance quotes from our esteemed insurance partners who exemplify excellence in the industry. At Experior, we have devised a truly groundbreaking approach by merging the strengths of the captive agencies, the networking model, and the Managing General Agent (MGA) model. Our unique tri-brid model disrupts the insurance and financial services industries, enabling agents to excel and grow their business like never before.

Our Trusted Partners

Our list of esteemed partners continues to grow exponentially, with new additions regularly enriching our network. Here are just a few of our fabulous partners:

Frequently Asked Questions About Insurance Agency Network

Independent agents in insurance are professionals who represent multiple life or health insurance companies rather than just one. This allows them to offer a wider range of insurance options from specific insurers and pricing. Independent agents work on behalf of their consumers, not the insurance companies, giving them the ability to find the best policies and rates based on the client’s unique needs and circumstances.

A captive agent represents one specific insurance company and can only offer policies from that insurer. This means they may have limited options when it comes to coverage and pricing. On the other hand, an independent agent represents many insurance companies, allowing them to provide discounts with a broader range of choices. Independent agents work for their customers, not the insurance companies, which enables them to find the best policy and price based on the client’s individual needs.

  1. Build a strong online presence: Create a professional website, engage on social media platforms, and maintain an active blog to share valuable information related to insurance.
  2. Develop a personal brand: Establish yourself as an expert in the insurance markets by sharing your knowledge, participating in professional events, and networking with peers.
  3. Ask for referrals: Encourage satisfied consumers to refer friends, family, and colleagues to you for their insurance needs.
  4. Offer exceptional customer service: Be responsive, attentive, and proactive in addressing client concerns to build long-lasting relationships.
  5. Utilize local marketing: Participate in community events, sponsor local organizations, and partner with other businesses to increase your visibility within the local market.
  6. Invest in digital marketing: Use search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and email marketing campaigns to reach potential consumers  online.

An insurance broker acts as an intermediary between consumer and insurance companies. They help clients assess their insurance policy, compare policy options, and negotiate the best coverage and rates on their behalf. Brokers have a deep understanding of the insurance market, enabling them to provide expert advice and guidance. They are typically paid a commission by the insurance company for each policy they sell.

While the exact number of independent insurance agents in the US can vary due to factors such as mergers, acquisitions, and new entrants in the market, it is estimated there are over 174,691 licensed insurance agents currently employed in the United States. Licensed Insurance Agent Demographics and Statistics [2023]: Number Of Licensed Insurance Agents In The US (

A form of insurance known as independent insurance is offered by independent agents or brokers who are not affiliated with any one insurance provider. In order to help their customers compare and choose the best solution for their requirements and budget, independent agents may provide them with a range of insurance products and plans from various insurance companies. Additionally, independent agents may provide their customers with individualized guidance and assistance as well as access to special offers and discounts that might not be accessible online or via direct sales.

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