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Online Financial Calculators

Get right down to business with these essential calculators for looking at your current financial situation and planning your future.

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Insurance Needs Calculator

Use this tool to determine how much insurance you might need to cover your life.

Retirement Calculator

Make sure that you invest tax-wise and are ready for retirement. You will need to create a lifetime worth of income.

Smoking Cost Calculator

Got a smoking habit? Find out how much smoking has cost you over the years.

Mortgage Calculator

Can you afford a mortgage? Run the numbers using this tool to find out.

401(K) Calculator

Use our calculator to maximize your 401(k) strategy

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Insurance Needs Calculator

Immediate Cash Needs






Income Replacement



Assets & Insurance




How much insurance coverage you need:



Coverage not enough?

If your analysis indicates a shortage, life insurance may be the ideal solution to address it.

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What has smoking cost you?

One smoked cigarette takes 11 to 14 minutes from your life.

Use this calculator to determine how much money you've spent on smoking over the years.

Total Life Lost:

Money Spent on Cigarettes:

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