Femi Adesanya, Newest Shareholder!

Executive Director, Femi Adesanya is now an Experior Shareholder in the USA thanks to her hard work and dedication.

Experior Financial Group Inc. is thrilled to announce the achievement of Femi Adesanya on becoming our newest Shareholder this month! Femi became a part of Experior a year and a half ago. Since joining us, Femi has helped almost a hundred families and as a result her business has grown to an exciting new level. We can’t wait to see Femi achieve even more success and to continue to make her mark on this company here in the years to come.

We asked Femi how it feels to have reached the Shareholder level with Experior Financial Group Inc? she said,

“I feel blessed to have reached this milestone and it just shows that Experior Financial Group is the best IMO, to be able to have agents become shareholders is huge. It is a place on Integrity because it is one thing to promise, and another thing to fulfill the promise. I have no regrets been a part of the company.”

Femi was asked if she had any advice for other independent insurance agents starting in Experior Financial Group Inc? she responded,

“Simply, stay focused and never give up!”

Thanks for spreading these inspiring words, Femi! Your dedication and effort is truly amazing. We’re excited to witness your journey and see the heights you reach on this path of success.

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