Ruby Tran, Newest Executive Director!

Ruby Tran's hard work and dedication have paid off as she achieves the professional milestone of becoming an Executive Director in Experior USA.

Congratulations to Ruby Tran for becoming an Executive Director in the USA in April 2024!

We are excited to announce the promotion of independent insurance agent Ruby Tran to Executive Director at Experior Financial Group, Inc. This promotion is a testament to her outstanding accomplishments, signifying a significant stride forward in her professional path. Since Ruby, from Team Unique, has been in the financial insurance sector, she and her team have helped over 31 families with Health, Life and Annuity services. We believe she will continue to exceed expectations and achieve new career milestones.

At Experior Financial Group, Inc., our core commitment revolves around nurturing the professional growth and development of our agents. After only 5 months with Experior, Ruby has already achieved a lot and is a great inspiration to her colleagues. With Ruby’s ongoing contributions to Experior, we eagerly anticipate congratulating her on her future achievements.

“Well, with my tough experiences from other IMOs, I have decided to transfer to Experior with the invitation of my upper ED, Linh Vo, here bringing me beautiful memories; at Experior, I have more chances to reach my goal in financial industry with its unique system while at the other IMO, I could not make it. Experior provides more opportunities for my personal and professional growth; allowing individuals to enhance their knowledge and to establish successful business in the financial sector. I have been through with a beautiful journey, I have been working hard with the help of my team members, I finally reach to what I have earned my fist leadership level in Experior system. I know that there will be more challenges for me to walk further in the future with the Experior.
I am deeply grateful to the company’s CEO, my mentor, and my partners for their guidance and support.”

“Achieving your goals at Experior is straightforward—simply work diligently, follow the system, and you’ll get there.”

Big congratulations to you, Ruby! Your contributions to Experior have been remarkable and impactful, showcasing your dedication and hard work. As you continue your journey with us, we anticipate many more achievements to celebrate together.

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