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Take the next step in your career with Experior Financial Group. We have both Full Time & Part Time opportunities available.

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Level up your insurance agent career journey with Experior Financial Group! We have both full time and part time life insurance agent positions available.

Elevate Your Insurance Career with Experior

Welcome to the gateway of opportunities in the growing life insurance industry, especially for those wanting to become insurance agents. Career in life insurance could be the perfect fit for you. You can apply for life insurance agent jobs to join this dynamic and fulfilling insurance sector.

Whether you are experienced in insurance or new to the insurance industry, this content is designed to guide you towards success. For those already sold on the idea, we have even curated a section on understanding remote insurance careers and how to apply for these roles.

Remote Insurance Work Opportunities

Become an Associate

Learn about life insurance sales jobs, work from home insurance jobs, and insurance remote careers near you:

Financial Associate – Baltimore, Maryland

Experior Financial Group is looking for a Financial Associate to join our team in Baltimore, Maryland and surrounding areas.

Financial Associate – Honolulu, Hawaii

Experior Financial Group is looking for a Financial Associate to join our team in Honolulu, Hawaii and surrounding areas.

Financial Associate – Tallahassee, Florida

Experior Financial Group is looking for a Financial Associate to join our team in Tallahassee, Florida and surrounding areas.

Financial Associate – Houston, Texas

Experior Financial Group is looking for a Financial Associate to join our team in Houston, Texas and surrounding areas.

Financial Associate – USA

Experior Financial Group is looking for a Financial Associate to join our team in USA.

If you don’t see a posting for your city you can still apply. We are always expanding in every city!

Crafting a Standout Resume and Cover Letter for Life Insurance Jobs

Creating an impressive resume and cover letter is akin to having exclusive access to top opportunities in the life insurance industry. Your resume is your own spotlight, shining a light on all your awesome skills, experiences, and victories in a way that is snappy and irresistible. Your cover letter serves as an opportunity to craft your narrative and articulate why you’re the perfect fit for the insurance agent position, completing the puzzle.

Would you want to work for an insurance company someday? When applying for life insurance positions as an independent agent or entry-level insurance roles, it is essential to craft a resume that stands out. The key to getting interviews and, eventually, the job of your dreams is a well-crafted résumé.

You need a CV that stands out, if you want to boost your chances of getting hired for remote insurance positions.

Learn how to write a resume that stands out as an insurance sales candidate and see some of the best resume examples from the insurance industry.

How to Write an Effective Insurance Sales Resume: Examples and Tips

Digital Transformation In Insurance Recruitment

Creating a Winning Insurance Agent Bio: Tips and Examples

Applying for Insurance Agent Careers – Kickstart Your Journey to a Successful Career in Life Insurance Sales Jobs

If you are reading this, you are probably considering a career in life insurance or looking to level up your existing sales representative job. Well, you have come to the right place because we are about to lay down the roadmap for your success.

The Best Paying Jobs in Life Insurance

How to be Successful Selling Life Insurance

Educate Yourself:

First, we will cover the essentials. Gaining mastery of the insurance industry requires understanding of its ins and outs of insurance. Get to know the insurance industry’s terminology by reading our articles about types of insurance, insurance carriers, insurance products and services, insurance sales agent license application, and enrolling in some classes. You can win in this career with the right information.

A Day In The Life Of An Insurance Agent

Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming a Licensed Life Insurance Agent

Develop Strong Communication Skills:

Communication is the key ingredient of success in the insurance world. Imagine this: You are conversing with your clients, explaining complicated concepts in easy, understandable bits of knowledge. You are not just talking; you are engaging, persuasive, and making them eager to hear more from you. So, refine those speaking skills and get ready to impress your clients like a pro!

Insurance Sales Training: Techniques for Success and Industry-Specific Tips

Build a Strong Network:

Networking is all about who you know in this biz. Get out there, shake some hands (virtually or in person), and start making connections. You never know when that random LinkedIn connection could turn into your next big opportunity.

Building Trust: How Independent Insurance Agents Forge Strong Client Relationships

Stay Informed and Adapt:

The insurance industry is always changing, so it is important to stay updated on the latest trends, remote job opportunities, work-from-home options, regulations, and products. Stay curious, keep learning, and be ready to pivot when the winds of change blow your way.

Insurance Industry Trends For 2024: What To Watch For 

Man with Balloons

We'll Give You All The Reasons Why!

You should join us, if you want to meet influential executives and work with a rapidly expanding team in North America. You may count on us to provide you with the necessary marketing materials for insurance sales positions, as well as training and support.

You will have a plethora of relationships with more than 40 Insurance Carriers and Investment Partners

Plus, what is even better? Right from the start, you will be in charge of everything.

You will have the opportunity to learn from the best on our technical and support teams. Get ahead in your career, earn promotions, and maybe even inherit some of the company’s wealth by earning shares in the company. Build a lasting business and accumulate remarkable benefits along the way.

You also won’t want to miss our fantastic awards, galas, and conferences. Therefore, why hesitate any longer? Join us today!


Here is why jumping aboard with us as a life insurance sales agent is the smartest move you will make:

  1. Unique Tribrid Financial Services Model: We have got a fresh approach that blends the best of three worlds.
  2. Best Compensation Model in the Industry: We are talking serious commissions here, folks!
  3. Affordable Licensing Course: No need to break the bank to get started.
  4. No Experience Necessary: Yep, you read that right. We will help you learn the ropes.
  5. Opportunities for Advancement: Climb that ladder and reach for the stars!
  6. Become an Expert in the Industry: We will turn you into a pro in no time.
  7. Fastest Growing MGA in North America: Join the winning team and ride the wave of success.
  8. Access to our Executives: Rub elbows with the bigwigs and learn from the best.
  9. Ongoing Training and Support: We have got your back every step of the way.
  10. Personalized Marketing Materials: Stand out from the crowd with tailor-made tools.
  11. Over 40 Insurance/Investment Company Partners: We have got connections for days!
  12. Own Your Book of Business from Day 1: Take charge and start building your empire.
  13. Man with Balloons: Because why not add a little fun into the mix?
  14. World Class Sales Support & Technology: We are all about giving you the tools you need to succeed.
  15. Our Proprietary “Expert Financial Analysis Software” Gives You the Tools You Need Online: Get the inside scoop and make informed decisions.
  16. Receive Hands On Experience Working with the Top Leaders at Experior Financial Group Inc.: Learn from the best and watch your skills skyrocket.
  17. Promotions Based on Personal and Team Production: Show us what you have got and watch those promotions roll in.
  18. Overrides on All Product Lines for Agency Builders: Cha-ching! More money in your pocket.
  19. Corporate Ownership/Equity Opportunities: Become a part of something big and reap the rewards.
  20. Develop a Business that Can Be Passed on for Future Generations: Leave a legacy that lasts.
  21. Exclusive Contests and Prizes: Who doesn’t love a little friendly competition?
  22. Leadership Conferences, Gala and Awards: Get ready to strut your stuff and celebrate your achievements in style!


How to Write an Effective Insurance Sales Resume: Examples and Tips

So what are you waiting for?

Experior CEO Jamie Prickett on stage at the X Marks the Spot Convention

Insurance Agents Building a Lasting Legacy with Experior Financial Group, Inc.

“Experior Financial Group, Inc. proudly announces that several dedicated agents in Canada and the United States have recently achieved Legacy Ownership. This significant milestone guarantees their continued financial success for themselves and their beneficiaries…”


Oscar PalaciosOscar Palacios
11:57 27 Jul 23
Experior has given me an opportunity that I never thought I would ever have. The work environment and the people I have met and now work with is amazing! We work hard but also have lots of fun and laughs. It's a great place to work!
12:40 10 Apr 23
I have worked with Experior Financial Group as a client and have been very pleased with their services. The company provides high-quality financial advice and insurance in Canada and the United States. I appreciated their professional approach and their ability to attract the best products for their clients.One of the main advantages of Experior Financial Group is their ability to offer an individual approach to each client. They truly listen to their clients and work with them to find solutions that fit their unique needs.A minor drawback that I noticed is that there is some delay in processing applications, but I understand that this is due to the large number of clients who want to work with this company. However, they were always available to answer my questions and I appreciated their patience and understanding.
Worked for this company for a long time. Management and colleagues are kind and helpful, it is a pleasure to work in such a company. Working here I got a lot of experience to open and find a new better job
Amanda WayAmanda Way
15:29 19 Oct 22
The work culture and environment have been a great experience. The management are understanding and flexible to allow for work/life balance. Everyone is very respectful, creating a workplace that is supportive, inclusive and overall positive. The employees at Experior Financial Group are a great team to work with!
Charles HarveyCharles Harvey
19:25 12 Oct 22
Since my employment began with Experior, I have seen nothing short of a fantastic office staff, caring leadership, and knowledgeable associates. I am beyond grateful for all of the opportunities presented to me at Experior Financial Group, Inc. I look forward to many great years ahead, accompanied by the many achievements we will accomplish together.
kiran khairakiran khaira
00:38 19 May 21
I'm proud to say I work for Experior Financial Group! Experior truly is a company that cares about their, Agents and Clients. This company give me freedom comfortable life. They don't just use words to express it, they show it through their actions every day. . I am blessed to be a part of such an awesome company! Our CEO is not just a company CEO he is just a phone call away to us like a good friend and family member. Thanks Experior.
Nathania MilletteNathania Millette
14:14 13 Feb 20
I'm proud to say I work for Experior Financial Group! Experior truly is a company that cares about their Staff, Agents and Clients. They don't just use words to express it, they show it through their actions every day. I've been working at Experior Head Office for 2 1/2 years and have been a client from the beginning. Experior is an amazing company and they strive to make a difference in the lives of everyone they come across. I am blessed to be a part of such an awesome company!

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions About Insurance Agent Positions with Experior Financial Group

To apply for life insurance agent positions with Experior Financial Group, simply visit our Careers page on our website. You can find a list of open jobs as a life insurance agent there, including both full-time and part-time options. Click on the position you are interested in and follow the instructions to submit your application.

While specific qualifications may vary depending on the position, we generally look for individuals who are motivated, hardworking, and passionate about helping others. Previous experience in sales or customer service can be beneficial but is not always required. We are recruiting insurance agents and training all our new team members so that they can do their jobs as insurance agents successfully.

Absolutely! We believe in rewarding hard work and dedication. Many chances exist for you to move up in our financial group as you gain insurance coverage experience and show what you can do. Whether you are interested in moving up the ranks or exploring different areas of the insurance industry, we will support you every step of the way.

As an insurance agent with Experior Financial Group, you can expect ongoing training and support to help you succeed in your role. You can get personalized training and guidance, access to cutting-edge technology, and marketing materials from us. These are some of the things you need to do well in the tough insurance business.

You can learn more about the insurance business and improve your skills as an insurance agent by using the many tools and learning opportunities we provide. Some of the ways that Experior Financial Group can help you learn more are through training classes, workshops, articles, and blog posts.

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