Carmella & Charles Maduekwe, Experior’s Newest Ring Earners!

This blog post celebrates the achievement of Carmella & Charles Maduekwe, who have earned the prestigious title of Ring Earners in the USA, highlighting their success within Experior Financial Group, Inc.

Congratulations, Carmella & Charles Maduekwe! Experior’s newest Ring Earners in the USA in March 2024!

Experior Financial Group Inc. is celebrating Carmella & Charles Maduekwe, independent insurance agents, for their remarkable accomplishments as Executive Directors, achieving the prestigious title of Ring Earners. Their unwavering dedication, persistent efforts, and tireless determination to support families have been instrumental in reaching this significant milestone alongside their team, Legacy Champions.

Carmella & Charles originate from the captivating continent of Africa, specifically from the countries of Cameroon and Nigeria. They currently call the United States of America their home and recently formalized their union in a courthouse wedding as they prepare for their upcoming wedding ceremony in Spring 2024. Throughout their journey, they have had the privilege to assist numerous families, and their commitment to aiding others will persist as they embark on this new chapter of success in the financial services industry.

We asked Carmella & Charles Maduekwe how it feels to achieve this milestone and they said,

“We feel very honored reaching this milestone. We just want to say thank you to God for making it possible.”

When asked why they chose Experior Financial Group, Inc., Carmella & Charles responded,

“Experior’s beautiful vision of legacy building, integrity, and the business model aligns with our vision and mission of touching lives. We find Experior’s business model easier and more comprehensive to do business with compared to other traditional IMOs.”

When asked, “How has your life changed because of your success with Experior?”, they said,

“Our lives have significantly been impacted by the vision and mission of Experior. It has given us the ability to drive more attention into helping families. This burning desire to impact the needy eventually led to the creation of our NGO. Today, we are feeding many motherless babies across Nigeria from revenue generated through the Experior platform.”

The couple was asked what their current goals are and their “Why”, and they responded,

“To continue impacting the lives of families and creating lasting legacies for the families we help, as well as a legacy for our own family as well. Our second driving force is our Legacy Foundation, aimed at helping the needy in Africa.”

We asked Carmella & Charles Maduekwe if they had any tips for other Experior Associates, and they said,

“Show up every day with an attitude of a winner. There will be times you might feel let down, but never quit on yourself because in Experior, you will always be your own boss. Remember, your clock to win is in your hands. Define your goals with measurable terms; only then will success become inevitable.

Thank you, Carmella & Charles, for sharing your personal journey in financial services! With the remarkable set of skills you possess, we are confident in your ability to achieve extraordinary things.

Why choose Experior?

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