Pritpal Singh Narang, our newest Shareholder!

Executive Director, Pritpal Singh Narang is now an Experior Shareholder in the USA thanks to his hard work and dedication.

Pritpal Singh Narang, our newest Shareholder in December 2023

At Experior Financial Group, Inc., we are proud to share this exciting news! Pritpal Singh Narang became a part of Experior only five months ago and has already assisted 35 families. We have every confidence that Pritpal will continue to achieve great things on this remarkable journey.

It is evident that you are contributing to the well-being of many other families and establishing an enduring legacy for your clients and family. We are thrilled to have you as a part of our team because these are the core values that drive Experior.

Experior asked about his journey and how it feels to have reached the Shareholder level with Experior, Pritpal said,

At my previous company, I felt I was constantly pouring into others, whether they were on my team or not, because I enjoy helping everyone. In my 5 years there, however, I felt that I have nothing to show for it, even though I helped over 170 clients and 50+ teammates. Achieving this milestone at Experior shows that my past 6 years in this industry have not gone to vain, and for the first time ever I feel that I have genuinely earned something to show for the work my team and I have been able to accomplish. I look forward to helping my teammates reach the same milestone, one after the other.

Experior asked if Pritpal had any advice for other Experior Agents, he replied,

“I would say, get serious about the shares milestone, because it’s more than just a milestone. It’s real money in your pocket, it’s something you can see and hold. Focus on setting up a target for yourself in both personal production and team building. I would recommend a minimum 12K AP target per month, and anything less than that is simply not enough. Anything beyond that is considered “gravy.” Having your bills paid and your food on the table is a great feeling, and it also helps to set a good example for others.”

Such inspiring words, Pritpal! We want to express our gratitude for sharing your thoughts about your promotion and congratulations on a job well done. In the days to come, we can’t wait to hear about your outstanding accomplishments.

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