Lekol Elijah & Dumle Pie, our newest Shareholders!

Executive Directors, Lekol Elijah & Dumle Pie are now Experior Shareholders in the USA thanks to their hard work and dedication.

USA Lekol Elijah & Dumle Pie November 2023

At Experior Financial Group, Inc., we are thrilled to share this exciting news! Lekol Elijah and Dumle Pie became a part of Experior just 20 months ago and have already assisted 46 families. We have every confidence that Lekol and Dumle will continue on this remarkable journey, extending their help to numerous other families and building a lasting legacy for their clients, themselves, and their family.

Experior asked about their journey and how it feels to have reached the Shareholder level with Experior, Lekol said,

“Thanks to the almighty God who is the author and the finisher of all. Thanks to my beautiful wife Dumle, my handsome boys and my only princess, Nenubari. Thank you to INTERNATIONAL DREAM BUILDERS… all of my FAs, SFAs, SMs and the best EDs in this organization Dr. Teresa Odey and Femi Oshisanya. International Dream Builders is here to help Experior change the world. Thanks to Dr. Meri and Eric Robinson on whose morning calls our team was energized daily.

Today marks the beginning of the realities for some of my WHY’s and I strongly believe without a single doubt that my experience today will continue to be for all those continue to keep the faith on the promises of Experior Financial Group. It’s the reason I left my 8 years of hard work in my former IMO to join Experior Financial Group. Though this goal was achieved long time ago, the reality of it is that today it’s a dream come true. Fear of the unknown would have caused me and my family to miss this and the other legacies that Experior have for us. May I tell you to listen to Napoleon Hill when he says “the worst risk, is the one not taken”. I came to this country to build something for my generation after living in a refugee camp for 4 years in a country of a different language and Experior is becoming that destination.

Reaching this goal is indicative of the fact that patience and hard work will always payoff. I finally feel the responsibility of a leader to ensure the same realization and this awesome feeling is also experienced by my loving team members. I feel the better weight of the responsibility and the mission for financial literacy, and I feel better knowing fully well that Experior will make me look good on my promises to those I have brought and shall bring to this godly business environment. I know that when I am no longer here, my family today is increased in its value and most especially the society is affected positively because Experior chooses to exist and that I made the decision few months ago to be part of the change that this organization is having on the generations of humanity.”

Experior asked if Lekol and Dumle had any advice for other Experior Agents, they replied,

“All who have accomplished great things have had a great aim, have fixed their gaze on a goal which was high, one which sometimes seemed impossible.” — Orison Swett Marden

Here are my few advises to anyone that is today wondering if…
1. Irrespective of todays number(s), tomorrow’s reality will be deliciously remarkable if you don’t give up too soon.
2.Timing remains the best tools in this business especially in this financial service industry.
3. Don’t give authority to anyone who tells you that you can’t make it without him/her by quitting or deciding to do nothing because while you are busy quitting and staying frustrated they are busy building their family’s financial future.
4. Thrive to be more knowledgeable each day because your level of success and achievement lays mostly on your ability to become knowledgeable and then confident in your trade.”

Such inspiring words, Lekol and Dumle! We want to express our gratitude for sharing your thoughts about your promotion and congratulations on a job well done. We eagerly anticipate hearing about your exceptional achievements in the days ahead.

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