Alvin and Carmen Barnes, our newest Shareholders!

Executive Directors, Alvin and Carmen Barnes are now Experior Shareholders in the USA thanks to their hard work and dedication.

USA Alvin & Carmen Barnes Jan 2024

At Experior Financial Group, Inc., we are thrilled to share this exciting news! Alvin and Carmen Barnes became a part of Experior just 11 months ago and have already assisted 50 families. The passion and expertise that Alvin and Carmen bring to their roles are truly commendable. Their ability to understand the unique needs of each family and tailor financial solutions accordingly has set them apart. We believe that their journey with Experior Financial Group is just beginning, and we have every confidence that they will continue to make a positive difference in the lives of numerous other families, including the lives of their team members.

As they continue on this remarkable journey, we look forward to witnessing the continued growth and success of Alvin and Carmen Barnes. Their dedication aligns seamlessly with the values that define Experior Financial Group: integrity, excellence, and a commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of our clients.

Experior asked about their journey and how it feels to have reached the Shareholder level, Alvin and Carmen said,

“Six months from now you will either have six months of excuses or six months of progress. The choice is yours. Reaching this milestone feels AMAZING!
Team FIRE set this goal as a team, and we reached it as a team. Being that it is only January, we are excited to see how team FIRE will finish 2024.

Experior asked if Alvin and Carmen had any advice for other Experior Agents, they replied,

“Consistency is more important than perfection. Be consistent and don’t give up. By the time people realize your worth, you’ll be worth more.”

Such inspiring words, Alvin and Carmen! We want to express our gratitude for sharing your thoughts about your promotion and congratulations on a job well done. We eagerly anticipate hearing about your exceptional achievements in the days ahead.

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