Samuel Jeje, Newest Executive Director and Shareholder!

Samuel Jeje's hard work and dedication have paid off as she achieves the professional milestone of becoming an Executive Director in Experior USA.

Samuel Jeje ED and Shareholder August 2023

Congratulations to Samuel Jeje for becoming an Executive Director and Shareholder in the USA for August 2023!

We are excited to announce the promotion of Samuel Jeje to Executive Director and Shareholder at Experior Financial Group, Inc. The extraordinary results achieved in such a short period of time are a tribute to his hard work and dedication. These accomplishments demonstrate his dedication and signal a major professional milestone.

Samuel’s unwavering commitment and resolute focus have propelled him along an impressive trajectory at Experior. In just six short months since becoming a part of our team, he has made a positive impact on many families.

Our agents’ professional development and improvement are our top priorities at Experior Financial Group, Inc. We are looking forward to Samuel’s continued success as a member of our team with great enthusiasm.

We asked Samuel how it felt to achieve this milestone, and he said,

“I’m an Accountant by profession, but I joined Experior on March 11th, 2023, with a mission to become an Executive Director within 6 months. I’d been licensed for over 3 years before I joined Experior, and sincerely speaking, it had never been this good for me in the insurance business until I joined Experior.

I noticed that there is enough equal opportunity and recognition for all agents in Experior. More importantly, the commission and compensation levels in Experior are second to none! Your success and the accomplishment of your goals will come quite easily to you here. All you need is dedication, consistency, and commitment. I dedicate the promotion to God Almighty.”

Samuel was asked if he had any advice to give new Associates with Experior, and he responded,

“My promotion to Executive Director came on August 20th, 2023, exactly 5 MONTHS after I joined Experior as a Financial Associate. In other words, this proves that if you put in the effort, you can reach your goal in a relatively short amount of time in Experior. I have some advice for all of the new agents: Stay focused on your goals and ideas, and be motivated to make your vision a reality.”

Samuel, you have inspired us with your dedication and rapid advancement at Experior. Keep up the good work! What is ahead for you is exciting. We hope that it includes even more success for you with us in the future.

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