Pritpal Singh Narang, Newest Ring Earner for May 2024!

This blog post celebrates the achievement of Pritpal Singh Narang, who has earned the prestigious title of Ring Earner in the USA, highlighting his success within Experior Financial Group, Inc.

Congratulations, Pritpal Singh Narang! Experior’s newest Ring Earner in the USA as of May 2024!

Experior Financial Group Inc. is thrilled to honor the achievement of our Executive Director, Pritpal Singh Narang, who has earned the distinguished title of Ring Earner. His unwavering dedication, and relentless quest for excellence have been instrumental in achieving this remarkable milestone as an independent insurance agent.

Originally from Pennsylvania, Pritpal moved to Houston at a very young age. Our Executive Director fondly considers himself a Texan at heart. Beforehand to his association with Experior, Pritpal was engaged in Corporate Tax. He chose to continue his growth and performance in the financial services sector by becoming a part of Experior. In less than 9 months, Pritpal, alongside of his Team Elevate, has guided over 121 families towards their financial objectives, demonstrating his unwavering commitment. We are confident that Pritpal, with his wide range of personal and professional aspirations, will continue to strive towards achieving even more ambitious goals.

We asked Pritpal Singh Narang how it feels to achieve this milestone and he said,

Achieving the 100K Milestone is still surreal to me, especially to have been blessed with it in less than 9 months of partnering with Experior Financial Group. I’m thankful to the previous agency I was associated with, regardless, for bringing me into the insurance/financial services industry. I’m even more glad to call Experior my home now. Achieving 100K is a great, but helping more of my agents get to the same milestone will feel even better!

When asked why he chose Experior Financial Group, Inc., Pritpal responded,

“After 4.5 years at my previous agency, I knew it was time to move into a newer agency. I chose Experior for three reasons: Honesty, Integrity, and Transparency. There are absolutely no smoke and mirrors. Experior does not treat it’s agencies and agents as its customers. Experior makes sure there’s a home for every type of agent/agency to run their business, as they please. The biggest reason of all is that Experior listens. Agents here are not just a number on a screen, because everyone is a real human with real insight from their own real experiences. When shaped together, something amazing is created.”

We asked, “How has your life changed because of your success with Experior?”, and he said,

“I’m a lot more confident about industry knowledge, and this allows me to expand to other areas. Achieving this milestone has already allowed me to branch into other lines of insurance, and I’m studying for my investments license. Having the independence and ownership opportunity at Experior has allowed me to create a better brand for myself as well. I’m creating Elevate Financial Agency – a full service firm, and I couldn’t be more proud to say that Experior has allowed me to make that happen!”

Pritpal was asked what his current goals were and his “Why”, and he responded,

“I’d like to say I have an unorthodox approach to goal setting. Yes, I believe in setting SMART goals. For me, however, there is a special emphasis on the time portion. My team and I usually refrain from setting 3,5, or 10 year goals, and we focus on setting 30-60 day goals instead. For me, that goal is to help 2 more of our agents achieve the same 6-figure milestone. After all, that’s where the business really starts.

My why is my family. I care for providing for my family, being present with them, and I ultimately want what’s the best for my current family and my future family, god willing.”

We asked if he had any tips or advice for other Experior Associates, and he said,

“My only advice is to keep going. Challenges keep coming, and with my father not being around, money being tight before this, and so many other things, I know all too well the challenges that people go through. Usually, challenges and setbacks will be reminders that something better is coming. Good times and bad times, both, don’t last. So, the best to do is to keep going! I’d love to help anyone who wants to make it big in this industry!”

Congratulations and well done, Pritpal! Thank you for sharing your story with us. Your abilities give us absolute confidence in your potential for remarkable achievements. We are eagerly anticipating your next steps!

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