Kossi Battah, Newest Executive Director!

Kossi Battah’s hard work and dedication have paid off as he achieves the professional milestone of becoming an Executive Director in Experior USA.
KOSSI BATTAH October 2023

Congratulations to Kossi Battah for becoming an Executive Director in the USA! October 2023

We are excited to announce the promotion of Kossi Battah to Executive Director at Experior Financial Group, Inc. The extraordinary results achieved in such a short period of time are a tribute to his hard work and dedication. These accomplishments demonstrate his dedication and signal a major professional milestone.

Kossi’s dedication and perseverance at Experior have allowed him to rise to great heights. Being new to Experior and since becoming a part of our team, he has made a positive impact on many families in a short time.

Our agents’ professional development and improvement are our top priorities at Experior Financial Group, Inc. We are looking forward to Kossi’s continued success as a member of our team with great enthusiasm.

We asked Kossi how it felt to achieve this milestone, and he said,

“I am so excited to have reached this milestone in my professional career. And I am looking forward to more success in the years to come for myself and my team, Elevate.”

Kossi was asked if he had any advice to give new Associates with Experior, and he responded,

“Join Experior now, while it is still a relatively new company in the United States, and grow with it as the company works to expand its operations. There is a lot of opportunity here.”

Kossi, you have inspired us with your dedication and rapid advancement at Experior. Keep up the good work! It is our sincere wish that the future holds even greater achievements for you in conjunction with us.

Why choose Experior?

Check out Experior Financial Group if Kossi Battah’s success has inspired you and you are seeking a career change!

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Join our team today and discover how we can help you reach your full potential in the financial services industry. Learn more on our Careers page about why Experior could be the right place for your next career move!

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