Jacques & Meredith Vaughan, Experior’s Newest Ring Earners!

This blog post celebrates the achievement of Jacques and Meredith Vaughan, who have earned the prestigious title of Ring Earners in the USA, highlighting their success within Experior Financial Group, Inc.
Ring Earners Meredith & Jacques Vaughan Sept 2023

Congratulations Jacques and Meredith Vaughan! Experior’s Fifth Ring Earners in the USA as of September 2023.

Experior Financial Group Inc. is thrilled to recognize the accomplishments of Jacques and Meredith Vaughan, our fifth Executive Directors in the USA to become Ring Earners. They are a living example that perseverance and commitment really do pay off in the end.

Jacques and Meredith are happily married with three children and are focused on building a legacy for their family. With no previous experience in the Financial services industry before joining, it’s amazing to see how they have both excelled in their careers at Experior Financial Group, Inc.! This power couple has helped hundreds of families and counting. However, their goal is to help one million families by introducing them to Experior, which they envision as either clients or business partners.

We asked Jacques and Meredith how it feels to achieve this milestone and they said,

“This is surreal! I mean, we joined a little over 2 years ago with no previous experience and to be able to accomplish this 6-figure ring is simply mind-blowing!”

The couple were asked why they chose Experior Financial Group, and they responded,

“Initially, we chose Experior because we saw the opportunity to grow and build in the USA. However, once I introduced Experior to Raza Begg, he really drove home that we are the ONLY COMPANY that has a LEGACY PLAN that trumps ALL THE REST, so-called legacy situations or plans!

Being in the music industry, I didn’t have any retirement set up and I just turned 55 years old. The Legacy Plan is my/our retirement plan. By the way, we just hit Gold Legacy, so we are on our way!”

They were asked, “How have your lives changed because of your success with Experior?”, the couple responded,

“More time, freedom as a couple, and also the happiness we bring to other families! 

Think about it: We get paid to change lives, which in return has given us a better quality of life! Financially, our bank account is smiling and we are just getting started. What’s not to love? This is truly AMAZING!”

We asked Jacques and Meredith if they had any tips for other Experior Associates, and they said,

“For those embarking on their Experior journey or new associates, here are some valuable insights to aid your success:

First and foremost, commit to continuous learning as the insurance landscape evolves. Building strong client relationships is paramount—listening, clear communication, and responsiveness are the keys to fostering trust. 

Engage in networking to learn from peers and potentially discover collaboration opportunities. Effective time management ensures you stay organized and productive (a vital skill). 

Uphold the highest ethical standards in your work; it’s the foundation of long-term client relationships. Consider building a personal brand through blogging, social media, or speaking engagements to attract clients and establish credibility. 

Lastly, stay resilient, embrace feedback, and find a work-life balance to sustain your long-term success. Experior offers abundant resources and support, making your journey smoother as you strive for excellence in the insurance industry. Most importantly – PLUG IN to all of the awesome weekly trainings that are provided!”

Thank you so much for sharing, Jacques and Meredith! There is no question in our minds that you are capable of achieving a lot, and we can’t wait to watch what you accomplish in the future.

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