Femi Adesanya, Experior’s Newest Ring Earner!

This blog post celebrates the achievement of Femi Adesanya, who has earned the prestigious title of Ring Earners in the USA, highlighting her success within Experior Financial Group, Inc.
Femi Adesanya Nov 2023

Congratulations, Femi Adesanya! Experior’s newest Ring Earner in the USA as of November 2023!

Experior Financial Group Inc. proudly celebrates the exceptional accomplishment of Femi Adesanya from Team Empower, our tenth Executive Director in the USA, who has attained the prestigious status of Ring Earner. Their unwavering commitment, continuous dedication, and tireless pursuit of excellence have played pivotal roles in reaching this significant milestone.

Originally from Nigeria and now based in Alpharetta, Georgia, Femi has submitted 58 applications and helped many families. Femi is happily married with two sons that keep her busy. Being able to accomplish this is something that Femi is very pleased with, especially because she is the main caregiver for her children. Before venturing into the financial industry, Femi previously worked in healthcare IT.

We asked Femi Adesanya how it feels to achieve this milestone and she said,

“I feel blessed and favored by God. I was a bit nervous about transitioning from my previous company to Experior, but I do not regret my decision. I believe anyone can achieve this milestone at Experior. The company, the leadership, and administration is top notch and caters to us with so much love, consistency and thoughtfulness. I’m already looking forward to my 250k ring, which will be soon, by God’s Grace. Thank you for this opportunity. It can only go forward with Experior. I’m grateful to God, Lee-Ann and Jamie for taking that first bold step, and to my Team Empower and IDT Team.”

When asked why she chose Experior Financial Group, Inc., Femi responded,

“The integrity of the company, the compensation for my downlines, the shares, and the legacy program are all reasons why I chose to join Experior.”

When asked, “How has your life changed because of your success with Experior?”, Femi said,

“When I am able to assist a large number of families, and introduce others to the platform, I get a greater sense of fulfillment.”

Femi was asked what her current goals were and their “Why”, and she responded,

“My why is to have financial freedom, to create it for others, and to make sure that every family is properly protected. My current goal is to become an SED by helping my team members become ED’s, and to have 100k ring earners on my team.”

We asked Femi if she had any tips for other Experior Associates, and she said,

“It is important to maintain consistency and to never give up. It only gets better at Experior!”

Wow! Thank you for sharing, Femi Adesanya! We are fully confident in your ability to achieve remarkable achievements. In the years to come, we can’t wait to see all the amazing things that you will accomplish.

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