Evangeline Abellada, Gold Legacy Owner!

Evangeline Abellada achieves Legacy Ownership with Experior Financial Group, Inc.
Gold Legacy - Evangeline Abellada

Congratulations to Executive Director, Evangeline Abellada on earning Gold Legacy Ownership!

Experior Financial Group, Inc. is pleased to extend its heartfelt congratulations to Evangeline Abellada for attaining the distinguished Gold Legacy Ownership. Being a Gold Legacy Owner at Experior means that in the event of retirement, disability, or death, you and/or your beneficiary will receive a payout on your code and code overrides in the amount of 75% for a period of 10 years, and immediately following the 10-year period, a payout indefinitely at 25%.

In the brief span of one year with Experior Financial Group, Inc., Evangeline Abellada has supported 50 clients, collaborating with her own team of 45 agents. Evangeline’s steadfast dedication and expertise serve as a profound wellspring of inspiration, filling us with anticipation for her next achievement!

We asked Evangeline Abellada what this legacy ownership meant to her. She responded,

“It means a lot because, with hard work, I can now secure my legacy for my children and my children’s children and for generations to come.”

When asked for advice to give agents on achieving legacy ownership, Evangeline responded,

“Our families are the most important people in the world. What better way to show them than a generation of wealth? Work hard and smart now, and this should be every agent’s ultimate goal to achieve.”

Why choose Experior?

Experior takes great pride in providing our clients with exceptional service and innovative solutions. Our dedicated leadership team, coupled with world-class training, support, and powered by state-of-the-art proprietary software, empowers us to effectively serve our clients. Additionally, with a wide range of industry partners, our agents possess the knowledge and resources to address each client’s unique needs. Whether you are a seasoned financial professional or just beginning your career, Experior stands as the ideal place to thrive.

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