Erik & Meri Robinson, Experior’s Newest Ring Earners!

This blog post celebrates the achievement of Erik and Meri Robinson, who have earned the prestigious title of Ring Earners in the USA, highlighting their success within Experior Financial Group, Inc.
Erik & Meri Robinson August 2023

Congratulations, Erik and Meri Robinson! Experior’s Sixth Ring Earners in the USA as of August 2023

Experior Financial Group Inc. is thrilled to recognize the accomplishments of Erik and Meri Robinson, our sixth Executive Directors in the USA to become Ring Earners. They show that tenacity and dedication truly do pay off in the long run, and they do so by serving as a model for others to follow.

Erik and Meri are a happily married couple and have been together for 29 years. They have three children, two of whom are adult Experior Insurance Agents (Erika and Isaiah), and one is in high school (Remi). They also have the joy of being grandparents to one granddaughter (Trae). This power-couple’s primary goals revolve around helping their community and leaving a lasting legacy for their children’s children. The motivation behind Erik and Meri’s actions is a desire to improve their family’s future and the lives of those around them.

With no previous experience in the Financial services industry before joining Experior, it’s amazing to see how they have both excelled in their careers! Erik and Meri Robinson have impacted just over 3,000 families when you add clients and business partners!

We asked Erik and Meri how it feels to achieve this milestone and they said,

“We feel incredibly grateful and excited about achieving this new milestone with our Experior insurance business. It’s a testament to our amazing team, leaders, and mentors.  It’s proof that with hard work, dedication, the opportunity Experior provides can make a positive impact on your life. We see it as just the beginning of a journey that promises even greater success and fulfillment.”

The couple were asked why they chose Experior Financial Group, and they responded,

We didn’t choose Experior; Experior chose us. It came into our lives at the right time, aligning perfectly with what we needed for our future. We saw the potential for growth, success, and a platform to achieve our goals through Experior.

When asked, “How have your lives changed because of your success with Experior?”, the couple responded,

“Our lives have transformed significantly due to our success with Experior. We’ve achieved financial security, the freedom to spend more time with our family, and the ability to pursue our passions. It has also allowed us to support our adult children in building their own successful careers in financial services.”

We asked Erik and Meri if they had any tips for other Experior Associates, and they said,

“Our advice to new associates is to remember the following: 

Commitment: Stay committed to your goals, even in challenging times. Success often takes time and persistence.

Learn Continuously: The financial services industry is dynamic. Keep learning and adapting to stay ahead.

Community: Leverage the support and community within Experior. Network with colleagues and mentors; they can provide valuable insights.

Set Clear Goals: Define your “why” and set clear, measurable goals. This will keep you motivated and on track.

Work Ethic: Hard work and consistency are key. Treat your business like a profession, not a hobby.

Balance: While striving for success, don’t neglect your personal life. Maintain a healthy work-life balance. Mentorship: Seek out experienced mentors who can guide you through your journey.

Remember, success is a journey, and it’s unique to each individual. Embrace it with determination, a positive mindset, and a willingness to adapt, and you can achieve your goals with Experior.”

Thank you so much for sharing, Erik and Meri! We have no doubt in our minds that you are capable of accomplishing a great deal, and we can’t wait to keep track of everything that you will achieve in the years to come.

Why choose Experior?

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