Deb Christensen, Newest Ring Earner!

This blog post celebrates the achievement of Deb Christensen, who has earned the prestigious title of Ring Earner in the USA, highlighting her success within Experior Financial Group, Inc.

Executive Director, Deb Christensen, has achieved a significant career milestone, and Experior Financial Group Inc. is thrilled to acknowledge it. Deb has earned the distinguished title of Ring Earner at Experior. Additionally, her unwavering dedication and commitment to excellence helped her reach this promotion. Deb’s enduring passion as a dedicated independent insurance agent played a vital role in her success.

Deb grew up in Idaho and later moved to Utah. Before joining Experior, she worked as an Ombudsman for the government. Deb shares her life with her husband and their remarkable family, which includes 6 children, 5 step-children, 11 in-law children, and 27 grandchildren. Family inspires her, and she strives to help other families in need. Ever since Deb became a part of Experior Financial Group, she has personally provided assistance to more than 200 families. Furthermore, with the collective efforts of her team at CVC Partners, they have extended their help to over 1,000 families. We have full confidence in Deb’s ability to achieve ambitious goals in her professional journey.

“What an amazing journey. With Experior and Quantum as partners, as well as Global View Capital. The resources and relationships I have at my fingertips are incredible.”

“Experior’s goals, ideas and mindset are in line with mine.”

“My current goals are to reach and help as many families as possible through our radio show and podcasts, “Money Matters with Deb and Laurie”, and to continue to build a business that sets us apart from everybody else with my partners, Dale Blake, Michael Corrigan and Laurie Hancock.”

“My marketing mindset has changed dramatically since joining Experior, which is now allowing me to earn an income that impacts my family and those around me in a big way. I love to serve and help others that are not as fortunate as I am.”

“Work hard! Follow those that are successful within Experior and do as they do. Put your clients very first. If you take care of them, they will take care of you by building your business through referrals.”

Congratulations, Deb! Your exceptional skills affirm our belief in your capacity for significant accomplishments at Experior. We look forward to witnessing your future endeavors!

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