Carlo Lopez Toso, Experior’s Newest Ring Earner in May 2024!

This blog post celebrates the achievement of Carlo Lopez Toso, who has earned the prestigious title of Ring Earner in the USA, highlighting his success within Experior Financial Group, Inc.

Congratulations, Carlo Lopez Toso! Experior’s newest Ring Earner in the USA as of May 2024!

Experior Financial Group Inc. proudly celebrates Carlo Lopez Toso’s remarkable accomplishment as our latest Executive Director, attaining the prestigious title of Ring Earner. His constant devotion, unrelenting pursuit of greatness, and steadfast passion have all been crucial in helping him attain this extraordinary milestone.

Carlo is originally from Santa Rosa, California home of the farm workers, and currently resides in Sacramento, California. It’s been a fulfilling journey, both personally and professionally, for him and he is grateful for the experiences and opportunities in his life. Before diving into the financial services sector, Carlo was a student assistant in the education field. Through his work with Experior, Carlo and his Team Tugboat have assisted over 142 families, showcasing his dedication in providing financial solutions to local families. We are confident that Carlo will continue to pursue even more ambitious goals and reach new heights in his career.

We asked Carlo Lopez Toso how it feels to achieve this milestone and he said,

“Coming from being a registered homeless 18-year-old to making a six-figure income just a few years later, seems impossible, yet it’s my reality now. If someone told me I would be in this position at 23 years old, I would think they were crazy.”

When asked why he chose Experior Financial Group, Inc., Carlo responded,

“In my practice company, I fell in love with the financial services industry but felt limited in what I could offer to my team and clients. When Experior expanded to the U.S. its platform, compensation, structure, products, and vision were unparalleled to other companies.”

When asked, “How has your life changed because of your success with Experior?”, he said,

“On the personal side, I get to wake up every day with a sense of purpose. Knowing each day there was another life I could change. On the financial side, I can buy my freedom making me free to enjoy trips, go on vacations, and most importantly spend time with family.”

Carlo was asked what his current goals were and his “Why”, and he responded,

“I want to change the statistics of this entire industry. In this industry, the typical agent falls within the age range of 46 years old and identifies as Caucasian. However, as a 23-year-old Hispanic, I stand out from this statistical norm. What I have achieved may seem improbable by conventional standards. I achieved six figures to show people that if something hasn’t been done you can be the first to make history. I did this in the hope, it would encourage others to never give up on their dreams.”

We asked if he had any tips for other Experior Associates, and he said,

“If I could offer any advice to someone on their journey at Experior, it would be this: Never underestimate the power of teamwork and collaboration! Together, we can achieve far more than we ever could alone. Let’s continue to support and uplift one another as we work towards our common goals.”

Congratulations and well done, Carlo! Thank you for sharing your inspiring story with us. Your capabilities leave us truly assured of your potential for extraordinary accomplishments. We can’t wait to see what you do next!

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